Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gathering details

I am gathering items (from my seemingly endless collection of stuff) to take with me to Nashville.  My daughter's wedding is in October, and she inherited the gift/curse of loving old stuff.  Since this is the "summer of the purge", as I go through each room in my house I come across little old things I think she may want to use at the wedding.  She seems drawn to the look that juxtaposes the rustic with the formal, for instance, white china with silver flatware on burlap tablecloths.  She also "loves the little details".  So, I am basically gathering details.

Presenting:  The Detail Round-Up  (imagine western round-up music)
Old jars.  I have so many more in the garage!
Old buttons and spools of tatting thread in old jars. 

More stuff

 More to come.  No doubt!

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