Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

Inspired by a number of great items I found while browsing Pinterest, I am working on a project this morning for a lovely bride-to-be.

The challenge is to use what I already have.  It also adds to the fun and somehow helps me justify why I collect and store all this stuff!

I bought this grocery bag paper a couple of years ago for another project.  The buttons and embroidery floss are passed down from my mother.  The hymnal is copyrighted 1925 (awesome!) and was purchased at a church thrift store.

After sleeping on it, I had my first cup of coffee this morning and headed to the work room.

Now it's time to take a break and do a little house work.  You will notice I am not posting a picture of the mess that is my home.  No, really, it's time to clean.  I'll reward myself by coming back to my project this afternoon and hopefully, I'll show you the finished product.

I was cleaning......I promise!  I was at it for about an hour:  laundry, bathroom, picking up clutter.....that's when I came across a box of lace left over from a weekend project of organizing scraps of ribbon, trims and lace.  (I found a home for the ribbon and trims, but neglected this box of lace.)  Wait!  Let's see how that looks with my grocery bag paper.........

Mom also gave me a bunch of yo-yoes she made over the years from fabric scraps.  This time I looked to the jar of light brown buttons.  Hmmmmm......

Okay, okay, back to housework.  It's not noon yet.  How much can I get done before I get hungry.  Once I eat lunch I am headed to start on these projects!

So here they are.   My first attempt at cards using vintage sewing elements.

The one on the left is a hand embroidered N with old buttons sewn in the corners.

The one on the right is old lace zig-zag stitched on the card in the shape of an N with my sewing machine.  The buttons are added on top of the lace. 

I wonder if hand made envelopes are mailable?

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